On the evening of August 18, online consultation on how to take a quick test sample at home

At 8pm on August 18, Dr. Pham Le Duy, Clinical Allergy – Immunology Clinic, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, gave instructions on VnExpress on how to take samples for quick testing at home.

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In the fourth wave of the epidemic, Vietnam recorded more than 283,000 infections, an average of 2,886 cases of Covid-19 for every one million people. The epidemic is complicated, the number of infections continues to increase. Many people have no symptoms, so it is difficult to detect and detect late, leading to the epidemic spreading silently, affecting treatment and isolation.

The Ministry of Health has piloted F0 treatment at home in Ho Chi Minh City from August 16. Before that, the city also organized isolation of F0 with no symptoms or mild symptoms at home, piloting Thu Duc people to take samples for quick test by themselves… In fact, many people buy test kits stored at home to self- take test samples.

So which test kit should I buy, how to detect Covid-19 early? When should you and your loved ones take the initiative to test quickly at home? What tools do I need to prepare for a quick test? How to properly sample? How to put the sample into the test kit to read the results correctly? After having the results, how to handle waste from sampling, in case of positive, what to do?

These questions will be answered and guided by Dr. Pham Le Duy.



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