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On prevention of corona, Pfizer said, Kovid-19 vaccine may have to be applied every year

Corona infection is increasing with uncontrollable speed in countries around the world including India. However, to prevent its spread, waxing has been started on a large scale in almost all countries. Meanwhile, Albert Bourla, CEO of American drug maker Pfizer, said that Pfizer-BioNtech’s Kovid-19 vaccine may be needed for the third time within a year of Corona taking full doses.

Bourla said on Thursday that it is possible that people may need to take Corona vaccine every year. Talking with CNBC, he said- We have to see how long it takes to happen next and how long we may need to do it. It will be a matter to be seen.

He said- a scenario can be created that a third vaccine dose is required between six to 12 months and after that do dora vaccination every year. But all these things are yet to be confirmed. Apart from this, again variants will have an important role in it.

Significantly, Pfizer had previously stated that its Kovid-19 vaccine is 91 percent effective against corona virus infection and up to 95 percent effective in cases of severe illnesses after taking a second dose of the vaccine. This figure has come out after testing conducted on 12 thousand participants.

Earlier in February, Johnson & Johnson CEO Alex Gorski reported that people may need annual vaccinations against Kovid-19, much like the seasonal flu vaccine. Researchers still do not know how long the protection against the virus remains, even if the vaccine is completely injected.

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