On Disney +, children deprived of Peter Pan or the Aristocats to avoid “dated or negative representations of minorities”

After the withdrawal of its platform fromGone with the wind by Warner, classics containing themes or stereotypes that might offend certain communities are not accessible to younger subscribers.

Whether they were wise as pictures or real rascals, that does not change anything. For the little ones who connect to the Disney + platform using a “children’s profile” account, it is impossible to access some of the firm’s classics with big ears such as Peter Pan, Dumbo, The Jungle Book The Aristocats or The Lady and the Tramp. They would contain too many damaging stereotypes. In any case, this is the reason for their absence.

On the other hand, for parents and adults, cartoons are readily available and are preceded by the now customary warning card warning that the film contains dated or negative representations of minorities and cultures.

This limited children’s access to the catalog has been around since October when Disney + rolled out its warnings against stereotypes and inappropriate behavior, but it had gone rather unnoticed. Until a journalist from BFMTV stumbles upon it, thus relaunching the debates on an excess of political correctness of our contemporary views on the heritage of the seventh art.

The controversy began in June when studio Warner was forced to temporarily withdraw from its SVOD platform. As much as the wind, accused (for a long time) of conveying a very embellished vision of slavery. The great Civil War fresco quickly returned online, accompanied by warnings and documentaries contextualizing the debate. Disney + followed suit with its competitor in the fall, with the following message: “These stereotypes were wrong then and still are today. Rather than removing this content, we want to recognize its harmful impact, learn from it and spark debate to together create a more inclusive future. ”

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Evolution in sight

Contacted by Le Figaro, Disney specifies that these restricted “child profiles” “Are intended for children under 7 and are specially created for a young audience, whether in colors, shapes, ergonomics, entry by characters and not by brands and the choice of content. This profile allows them to access their favorite content in a completely secure environment ”.

This “secure profile” should evolve further with the launch on February 23 of STAR “the adult catalog” of Disney + which brings together FOX films but also cult series such as How I Met Your Mother or Grey’s Anatomy. A new parental control feature will allow, in addition to the “child profile”, to create profiles by age (6 years and over) and thus provide access to all the content of the service in line with the age of the child. user.

To take the example of Aristocats, explains Disney, the film will not be accessible with a child profile but will be accessible with a profile by age since the film is accessible to profiles “0+”.

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