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Omicron variant of Corona stirred up the world, Nepal issued new guidelines

Omicron Variant: Omicron, a new variant of the corona virus found in South Africa, has raised the concern of countries around the world. India has made it mandatory for passengers from 12 countries to check at the airport due to this dangerous nature of Corona, while America has banned passengers coming from 8 South African countries. Meanwhile, Nepal has also made a seven-day quarantine mandatory for travelers coming from South Africa. This rule will be applicable to people coming from South Africa or coming to Nepal through South Africa. This information has been given by the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal.

Since the appearance of the new variant of the corona virus, various countries of the world are imposing travel restrictions from South African countries, so that the spread of the new form can be stopped. On the advice of the World Health Organization, many countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Japan, Thailand, America, European Union countries and Britain have imposed restrictions on travel from South African countries.

Despite the closure of aircraft operations, there is such evidence that this form is spreading. New cases have been reported in travelers from Belgium, Israel and Hong Kong. Perhaps a case has also come to the fore in Germany. Officials in Holland are investigating the redesign after 61 passengers were found infected with Kovid-19 on two planes coming from South Africa.

more than 50 lakh deaths due to corona

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that the actual dangers of Omicron are not yet understood, but preliminary evidence suggests that the risk of re-infection is higher than other highly infectious forms. This means that people who have been infected with Kovid-19 and have recovered from it, they can get infected again. However, it will take weeks to know whether existing vaccines are less effective against it. Medical experts, including the WHO, have cautioned against overreacting before this pattern is studied in detail, but people are scared after the virus has killed more than 5 million people worldwide.

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