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Omicron variant much less serious, 91 percent less likely to die than Delta – claims CDC

Corona Omicron Variant: Omicron Variant Kovid-19 Much less severe than the other variants of the . US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ,CDC, This has been claimed in a report of. According to the report of Daily Mail, Delta Variants (Delta Variant) Omicron compared to the risk of (Omicron) The risk of hospitalization is halved due to

Delta compared to those hospitalized, Likely to need to be admitted to intensive care or ICU 75 Percentage is low and death rate is also compared to Delta 91 Percentage is less. However, it has long been reported by health officials and experts in the past that the Omicron variant is not so lethal as compared to the earlier variants. Because of this the UK, Australia, There have been only a few deaths in America and India.

Omicron lowers death toll

in present, Average per day in America 750,515 New cases are being registered and the second biggest jump in daily reported cases since the start of the pandemic is also being seen these days., But fortunately, deaths are being recorded less in proportion to the number of cases. every day because of the virus 1716 The death toll has come out, Which is less than Delta. However, in recent weeks there has been a three-fold increase in the record number of cases of this variant., But the deaths have not happened at the same rate.

CDC chief Rochelle Valensky said that the recent rise in Kovid deaths in the US 10 The percentage increase is actually due to the Delta variant, Not because of the very fast spreading Omicron strain. CDC data also estimates that in the US 98 Percentage active Covid cases are of Omicron variant.

The report states that the Delta variant, that 2021 I dominated, Now only two percent of the cases are being seen. If this new variant spreads rapidly and is unlikely to cause death, So it may start to wane through the population and hopefully it may start to subside soon.

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