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Omicron variant can wreak havoc in America, is more effective than Delta

Omicron Threat: The world seems to be badly affected by the corona virus infection. At the same time, the Omicron variant that came out after Delta is spreading rapidly. Omicron infection is currently spreading faster in the United States than in the delta. According to most estimates, it is being told that Omicron’s increasingly emerging cases have overtaken the Delta variant.

However, there are early indications from South Africa and Britain that Omicron infection has shown milder symptoms than Delta. At the same time, officials are warning that infection of the new Omicron variant could rapidly overwhelm the health care system and bring significant disease to many communities.

Currently, the infection of Omicron variants is increasing faster than Delta, which is why many US cities are seeing a spurt in its cases, with the figure doubling every two to three days. At the same time, the officials fear that this variant will break the record.

The all-time high of average daily cases in the US was 251,232, which was set in January. At the same time, according to some estimates, it is being told that before the end of the year in the United States, one million cases can be reported in a day.

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At the moment, scientists are still trying to understand the danger of Omicron. Preliminary studies in Scotland and England suggest that the effect of infection with Omicron variants may be mild. At the same time, scientists have warned that in case of more number of infected due to Omicron, the number of hospitalizations may increase, which can become a problem.


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