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Omicron is a variant spreading faster than Delta, WHO chief gave this warning

WHO On Omicron Variant: There is a continuous increase in the cases of the new variant of Coronavirus around the world, Omicron. Meanwhile, while giving information, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that a new variant of corona has reached in most countries of the world. WHO Chief Dr. Tedros A Ghebreyesus says that the Omicron variant is spreading faster than Delta.

WHO Chief Dr. Tedros says that the new variant of the corona virus is spreading faster than the Omicron delta and is also infecting people who have had both doses of the corona vaccine. They say that Omicron is also making people who have been infected with Korova their victims.

At the moment, only last week, Dr. Tedros had informed that there is a huge difference in the rates of COVID 19 vaccination between countries. He says that 41 countries still have not been able to vaccinate 10 percent of their population. 98 countries have not reached 40 percent.

Let us inform that till now more than 27 crore 52 lakh 90 thousand 161 cases have been reported worldwide. Out of which more than 53 lakh 73 thousand people have died so far. At present, recovery of more than 24 crore 69 lakh 95 thousand has also been done. At the same time, there are more than 2 crore 29 lakh 20 thousand active cases in the world.


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