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Omicron cases tripled, more than 10 thousand people infected in 24 hours, 7 died

Omicron Case In UK: On Saturday, 10,059 cases of Omicron, a dangerous variant of Coronavirus, were registered in Britain. At the same time, three people died in Britain today due to Omicron. Today Omicron’s cases are more than three times as compared to Friday. On Friday, 3,201 cases of Omicron were registered in the UK.

Daily figures are released by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). There were 9,427 cases in England, 514 in Northern Ireland, 96 in Scotland and 22 in Wales. With this, the total number of Omicron cases in the United Kingdom (UK) has increased to 24,968.

record cases of corona

At the same time, a record 93,045 new cases were registered in Britain on Friday for the third consecutive day, which is the highest daily case ever. In new cases, along with the Omicron variant of Corona, cases of Delta are also being reported. The health department’s concern has also increased after the record number of new Kovid-19 cases for the third consecutive day. According to government figures, a total of more than 11.11 million people have been infected in the United Kingdom (UK) so far.

emphasis on vaccination

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has emphasized on vaccination regarding the growing case of Omicron. He said that a rapid vaccination campaign is being run, along with booster doses are also being given. At the same time, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that there is a lot of concern about the Omicron variant. What Omicron warned about a week ago is starting to affect us now.

Caution Instructions

Wales leader Mark Drakeford told citizens to be prepared to compete with the Omicron variant. People have been instructed to be very careful. He said that the country’s night clubs will be closed after December 26. The rules of maintaining social distance in shops and workplaces are being strictly implemented.

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