Old iPhone, iPod Classic have ‘shocking’ prices

If you own old Apple devices, don’t rush to throw them away because it could be a fortune in the future.

Old, even outdated Apple products are gradually becoming lucrative collectibles. Some early iPhones, iPods, and Macs can be worth thousands of dollars.

According to Guardian, the first generation iPhone is now worth up to 24,000 USD on eBay, the original iPod Classic launched in 2001 is priced at 49,000 USD. Even newer and older iPod models are loved by thousands of people due to their large storage capacity.

Used iPhones cost up to tens of thousands of dollars

According to Terapeakthe fourth-generation red-black iPod released in collaboration with the band U2 sold for $90,000, and since Apple discontinued the item, the price of late-generation iPods has gone up dramatically. tell.

Collecting vintage Apple products has increased in recent years. Hermie Brieto, a professional eBay trader, credits Steve Jobs and Apple’s rich history with what makes the items worth the price. “Apple has been around for a long time, and a lot of people are knowledgeable about the product, they like Apple very much,” Brieto said.

Apple memorabilia and promotional materials also trade for huge sums, such as a flyer for an early iPod that can sell for nearly $9,000 or a billboard on display at an Apple store. priced at $5,600.

If you have a set or a large collection of products that can earn even more spectacular sums. A trio of memory size options for the first-generation iPod can go for $50,000, or a collection of vintage Apple computers can sell for $109,000.

Huong Dung(According to The Sun)

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Why did Apple hesitate to drop the most annoying detail on the iPhone?

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