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“Okapi”, the 50th anniversary of a teen-friendly magazine

It has traveled half a century but has not aged a bit. The magazine Okapi, one of the flagships of the youth press within the Bayard group, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this fall, with a special issue on sale (1) in newsstands from Thursday 23 September. For the occasion, the bimonthly for college years takes a trip back in time, with a blanket depicting a three-dimensional okapi, all smiles, under a shower of party favors, an allusion to his very first blanket.

Inside, we discover the great figures, the heroes of young culture, the events that have marked the past half-century. The double pages have been redesigned to highlight these five decades. “Okapi has been able to constantly reinvent itself, while maintaining its principles and values, summarizes the editor-in-chief François Blaise: openness to the world, support for teenagers in their school environment, taking into account – without ever dramatizing – the issues that concern them. ” Number after number, Okapi thus responds to readers’ questions, whether it is about notes, friends, parents, pounds, the first kiss …

Media education

In a world where fake news travels at the speed of a click and feeds ever more powerful conspiracy theories, “The team ofOkapi, About fifteen people strong, has an essential role to play in media and image education, in the training of future citizens ”, emphasizes François Blaise, referring for example to the publication, a year ago, of a comic strip retracing “In a very documented way” the history of vaccination.

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If he is present on social networks and offers videos on YouTube (we meet teens taken there to explore places of history, culture or industry), if he has developed a touching series of podcasts that give voice to college students, the magazine remains above all faithful to paper. It thus offers a precious break from the overexposure of young people to screens. A winning strategy: its circulation, every two weeks, exceeds 50,000 copies, with a large share of sales by subscription.


10-15 year olds keep their spirits up

Published in the anniversary issue ofOkapi, a survey conducted last July with a representative panel of 1,000 parent-child pairs aged 10 to 15, shows that teens are doing quite well. Thus, 77% are happy to go to college, 80% say their parents understand them, 79% say they have confidence in their future. Among their three major concerns, harassment is most often cited (17%), followed by animal welfare (12%) and the environmental crisis (11%).


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