‘Offloading’ hospitals with FPT electronic medical book. CaresBook

FPT. CaresBook is researched and developed by FPT Information System Company Limited (FPT IS) to help patients proactively set up medical examination schedules, manage medical records, monitor health, help hospitals and medical facilities interact. number with the patient.

Convenient digital interactive channel

FPT. CaresBook is a mobile application that supports hospitals or medical facilities to deploy digital channels of interaction with customers / patients, helping people to easily access medical care, contributing to realize the goals of developing digital health, digital society and digital nation.

Users can book online medical appointments and receive medical results electronically. In addition, medical records are digitized and privately protected on personal mobile devices, helping patients have complete information about medical examination and treatment history, being reminded by the system to make follow-up visits. Get medical attention at home, follow the instructions of a medical professional.

In addition, thanks to the connection of the electronic examination book (Mobile App) with the health sector, people can quickly and reliably access accurate information about medical services and healthcare.

The application contributes to step by step transforming the approach to health care services from “passive” to “active” for the community, gradually replacing the current record of results and medical history with paper books. .

Electronic medical examination book – FPT. CaresBook app is packaged and released on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. The application can personalize and publish separately under the brand name of the user unit (eg “Electronic Medical Directory” of the Central Children’s Hospital or “Dong Thap Health” of Dong Thap Health Department).

Award winning number conversion

Currently, the Central Children’s Hospital is using FPT application. CaresBook to deploy digital communication channel, step by step implements the paperless hospital model. The application allows patients to proactively schedule their examination instead of having to queue as before, accessing information about services and health care guidance from leading experts in the field of Pediatrics. Online booking of medical examination and treatment is being applied to departments of 24-hour Examination and Treatment, International Center, Department of Vaccine Consultancy and Vaccination, Center of Pediatric Tropical Medicine and Clinical Medicine Center, Pediatric Primary Health Care Center.

Patients can receive results of electronic medical examination and treatment (electronic prescriptions, test results, electronic subclinicals) through the application, conveniently monitor and manage their own medical examination and treatment records and relatives. In addition, thanks to the “electronic medical record”, nurses and doctors also have full initial information about the patient, thereby consulting the screening and patient care more promptly and carefully.

Since implementing the application, the Central Children’s Hospital has received many positive feedback from the people.

Parallel to FPT. CaresBook, this hospital is also using the application “Mobile care” (FPT IS’s FPT.Mobicares product) at the S International Department, Department of 24-hour Exam and Treatment to help doctors and nurses monitor, prescribing and caring for inpatients.

With this application, the medical records of patients are digitized, so doctors do not need to carry a paper medical record every visit, treatment for patients, quick access to patient records. project to know the necessary information for medical monitoring and consultation, to establish medical orders and assign technical services right on the mobile device instead of prescribing in a paper medical record such as formerly. The application also supports nurses to synthesize medical orders, generate medical vouchers and supplies and instantly update patient information to the system.

This is considered as one of the bases for the implementation of the electronic medical record and the undocumented hospital model, according to the transition roadmap specified in Circular No. 46/2018-TT-BYT dated December 28. / 2018 of the Ministry of Health.

Effectively applying two applications of “Electronic Medicine”, “Mobile Care”, bringing many benefits to patients, the National Hospital of Pediatrics is evaluated as a digital converter by Vietnam Digital Communication Association. excellence and award VDA Award 2020.

'Offloading' hospitals with FPT electronic medical book.  CaresBook

“Digital health is one of the important areas in the national digital transformation strategy. As the pioneer company in digital transformation, FPT will continue to invest and apply advanced technology in FPT. CaresBook in particular and a set of digital products and solutions in general, in order to bring the most benefits to the people, the team of medical doctors and hospital managers. Our desire is that every citizen will be supported by a useful tool when going to medical examination and treatment at any medical facility across the country ”, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet – Technology Director of FPT IS shared at the VDA Awards Ceremony held on October 18, 2020.

In the coming time, FPT IS will continue to create and build digital medical platforms, accompany with localities to implement the Smart Health project under Decision No. 4888 / QD-BYT dated October 18 / 2019 of the Ministry of Health approves the project of smart medical information technology application and development for the period of 2019 – 2025, thereby contributing to changing the face of the health sector in the country.

In addition to FPT. CaresBook, FPT Corporation also had 3 other products that won VDA Awards this year: Blockchain Platform akaChain, FPT Data Processing and Integration Platform – FPT. Fortuna and FPT.eLearning online training solution software.

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