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Obama wrote in book ‘A Promised Land’ – Manmohan became PM because he was not a threat to Rahul

As the pages of former US President Barack Obama’s book A Promised Land are turning, new questions are being raised on the Congress in India. The question that the BJP has often raised about Manmohan Singh’s formation of PM, has become the question once again.

It was written in the book – Sonia Gandhi was preparing Rahul

The reason for this is that Obama has written in his book that former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not become PM because of his popularity but he got his post due to Sonia Gandhi. Sonia, born in Italy, chose Manmohan because he had no national political base and was not a threat to Rahul Gandhi’s future. Sonia Gandhi was preparing Rahul to take command of the Congress party.

The book also mentions dinner with Rahul-Sonia

Not only this, Obama has also mentioned that dinner in his book where he was with Sonia and Rahul. Obama writes that Rahul and Sonia were sitting with me at the dinner table. Sonia was speaking less and listening more. She used to let Manmohan Singh speak on policy matters and often involved Rahul in conversations.

A part of the book has also appeared on Rahul before

Earlier also a part of this book of Obama has appeared in which Obama has written for Rahul Gandhi that he has the qualities of a nervous and immature student, he was a student who completed his course work to impress the teacher Was anxious for. But from within which neither the ability to master the subject nor the passion was there.

Rahul and Obama have met a total of three times

However, it is not clear on what basis Obama has formed this opinion because Obama and Rahul Gandhi have met three times in total. The first meeting was on 7 November 2010, that is, almost 6 years after Rahul Gandhi joined electoral politics. In 2009, Obama became the President of the US and came on his first official visit to India in November 2010, during which he met Rahul Gandhi. The second meeting was held on 27 January 2015, during which the Congress had lost the Lok Sabha elections and PM Modi had assumed the throne, while Obama was also elected for the second time. This meeting was held at ITC Maurya Shelten. There was a third meeting. After this meeting on 1 December 2017, Rahul Gandhi had also tweeted this in which he had called Obama as the President, whereas in January 2017, Obama’s presidential term was over.

BJP is a constant attacker

Rahul’s joke was also made on this false information of calling the former President as President. These three meetings were not big, but the impression that Rahul Gandhi had on Obama’s mind was written in his book and on which BJP is a constant attacker. BJP veteran Kailash Vijayvargiya says that Rahul Gandhi is an immature leader. BJP national general secretary said that Rahul Gandhi does not have faith in Congress workers either.

Once again, BJP has got a chance to attack the Congress. Already, Obama’s book is going to prove to be a big headache for Congress troubled by defeat, it seems.

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