Nutrition for F1, F0 at home

Doctor Do Doan Bach, Network of Companion Physicians, guides a variety of foods according to age groups, eats enough meals, drinks enough water to recover quickly.

When isolated and treated at home, high-risk F0 and F1 need appropriate and scientific nutrition to increase resistance.

Accordingly, it is recommended to eat a sufficient quantity and variety of foods to meet the needs of each age group, including protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber… and drink enough water. Eat three meals a day, adding one to three snacks if needed.

Diverse foods to support the immune system from animal protein such as meat, fish, eggs, milk or vegetable protein cooked beans or vitamins A, C, D from vegetables, fruits, mineral groups… Limit food fried, greasy, processed foods such as canned food, instant noodles. Reduce salt intake, to a maximum of only 5 g of salt a day.

Patients with anorexia, sore throat, decreased taste, smell, can be processed into soft liquid, easy to eat, easy to absorb. Children, adults with underlying diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, strictly follow the doctor’s nutrition regimen.

Thuy Anh (Follow Ministry of Health, Network of Companion Physicians)


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