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In addition to taking drugs, injecting HA, urine-rich plasma gives positive results in patients with osteoarthritis, in severe cases requiring knee replacement.

My mother is 67 years old this year, suffering from degenerative joint disease for about 5 years, her legs are weak, it is difficult to stand up and sit down, but there is no pain; Previously, I had fallen due to walking. My mother went to the doctor, took calcium supplements and functional foods with glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate to provide additional support, but now the situation of her limbs is still weak. Is there any way to fix this situation?

Do you find platelet-rich plasma injection, how effective is it, are there any side effects and does the injection need to be maintained continuously or just once? I thank you. (Nguyen Manh Thang)


Osteoarthritis is often manifested by pain when walking, especially when performing knee flexion movements such as standing up and sitting down, climbing stairs, squatting, kneeling… Over time, Patients often tend to be sedentary due to concerns about pain, leading to muscle atrophy and weakness in the legs, difficulty walking. For treatment, in addition to anti-inflammatory pain relievers in the acute phase, patients need to be supplemented with drugs that help restore cartilage damage and can slow down the progression of the disease, such as drugs belonging to the sysadoa group. Drugs such as glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, diacerein, whole unsaponifiable avocado and soybean oil… are sysadoa drugs widely used in clinical practice.

In addition, intra-articular injection therapies such as HA injection, platelet-rich plasma have also given some positive results in patients with osteoarthritis. Most intra-articular injection methods are quite safe, with few side effects. A small number of patients experience mild swelling and pain after injection, but most respond well to conventional analgesics or topical cold therapy.

Platelet-rich plasma is the method of using the patient’s own plasma to provide regenerative nutrients for cartilage tissue, so it is usually safe, with few allergic reactions. The number of injections depends on the patient’s response. However, these methods are often only highly effective for mild and moderate degenerative conditions. In cases of severe degeneration, inability to walk, and scoliosis of the limb, a knee replacement is often indicated. This is an effective measure to help restore the patient’s walking and movement function in cases of severe degeneration and loss of function.

Master, Specialist Doctor I Tran Thi Thanh Tu
Orthopedic Trauma Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City


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