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Now only two names left in the race for British PM, Rishi Sunak also topped the fifth round

UK PM Race: In the race for British Prime Minister, Indian-origin Rishi Sunak also topped in the fifth round. He got 137 votes. With the fifth round of voting, Business Minister Penny Mordaunt was out of the race for PM. He got 105 votes. Now Sunak will face Foreign Minister Liz Truss. He got 113 votes in the fifth round.

Rishi Sunak has got the highest number of votes in all the five phases. He got 118 votes in the fourth round of voting. He got 115 votes in the third round of voting held on Monday. At the same time, 101 votes were received in the second round and 88 votes in the first round. Sunak has been on top in all the stages.

Liz Truss got 86 votes in the fourth round, 71 in the third, 64 in the second and 50 in the first. Penny Mordont got 92 votes in the fourth round, 82 in the third, 83 in the second and 67 in the first.

After this, the focus will now be on favoring the membership base of the Tory party. It is estimated that the number of these members is about 160,000, who will vote in favor of either of these two candidates. Those votes will be counted at the end of August and the winner will be announced by September 5.

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