Notre-Dame de Paris fire: for Jean-Jacques Annaud, three cathedrals play the liners

STORY – The very evening of the drama, the director decided to make a film of it. Having left for a dantesque three-month shoot, he has already started shooting in Sens and Bourges.

Seeing his men crawling under the falls of incandescent debris in the spiral staircase of the tower of the cathedral of Sens (Yonne) impressed him. “Their physical skills were put to the test, says the captain of the fire brigade, Stéphane Bournof. Dressed in the clothes of our Parisian colleagues and with heavy backpacks, they really showed what they were capable of because Jean-Jacques Annaud made them redo the scene several times. “

For this fire soldier, “Given the passion with which the director took an interest in our profession, the result on the big screen should be extraordinary. I really relived what I saw on television on the night of April 15 to 16, 2019. Jean-Jacques Annaud spoke every day with my men. The spectators will understand the dangerousness of the situation during these 24 hours and what we face on a daily basis with equally dangerous fires in factories and homes ”.

“The rigor of the documentary and the breadth of cinema”

Decided in the evening

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