Notre-Dame burns: the underside of Jean-Jacques Annaud’s event film

STORY – In theaters next Wednesday, Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film-event relating the fire in the cathedral is intended to be as realistic as possible. Until what point?

A blockbuster featuring heroic firefighters, and a cathedral totally overwhelmed by a fire that it obviously did not see coming: the film by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Notre Dame is burning, hitting screens March 16, is neither quite a documentary nor quite a fiction. During this evening of April 15, 2019, “reality surpassed fiction, and the truth was implausible”, explains the director, for whom “there was no need to add a lot to make a good story”. How did he operate? What arrangements has he made with reality? Who advised him? Le Figaro deciphers the Annaud method in six points.

What are its sources?

I wanted to stick as closely as possible to what I learned from each other”, explains the director. His teams first deciphered the press and the media, as the latter had extensively reported on the few hours of the fire, between 6:20 p.m., when the alarm went off, and 3 a.m.…

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