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Knowing your limits, quitting smoking and having an exercise plan help people with asthma run better and ensure good control of their symptoms.

According to the American Lung Association, although asthma causes symptoms of shortness of breath, in fact many professional runners have asthma. Their secret is knowing how to control asthma symptoms with a reasonable exercise plan. However, not everyone with asthma can run. People with asthma who want to run safely need to ensure some health conditions because issues such as air quality and temperature can affect symptoms.

Follow Very Well Healthpeople with asthma when they want to participate in exercise or jog safely can refer to the 12 tips below.

Smart strategy: People with asthma should talk to their doctor about their running plan. Your doctor can assess your fitness limits and guide you on how to increase exercise. When participating in jogging, people with asthma should run regularly, run every day, avoid running a lot in a day and take a few days off. Besides, when running, you should plan for possible precautions to make the run run smoothly and safely.

On the other hand, someone with asthma can do an assessment with their doctor to recognize the early signs of an impending asthma attack and cues that can help manage a running asthma attack.

People with asthma should prepare well before running. Image: Freepik

Quitting smoking: Smoking causes lung disease and worsens asthma. People with asthma if they smoke, their endurance and ability to run will be reduced. Smoking can increase the risk of burnout or an asthma attack while running.

Always carry your inhaler: People with asthma whether they use their inhaler regularly or not should carry their inhaler with them while running in case symptoms can appear at any time.

Should run after the rainRain: Rain helps wash away many airborne allergens and pollen counts are also at their lowest after a rainstorm. Therefore, jogging after a heavy rain is quite ideal for people with asthma who need to be active.

Check the weather: Follow Very Well HealthWeather is an important factor affecting people with asthma. If it is cold, people with asthma should consider and only run indoors or on a treadmill. Rainy, wet, warm, cloudy and windless days are the best times for asthma sufferers to run.

Wear a protective mask: Wearing a protective mask while running can reduce your exposure to pollen, dust, and other irritants caused by weather and the environment. If a specialized mask is not available, people with asthma can wear a mask or scarf while running if it is cold to prevent cold air from entering the lungs.

Warm up and cool down: Experts recommend, people with asthma should start the exercise slowly, gently to strong, gradually. Limit rushing out of the door and run fast if you haven’t started, similarly do not stop running suddenly but must slowly reduce the intensity of running for a short period of time before moving to the cool-down phase.

Shower after running: People with asthma can reduce their symptoms by taking a good shower after jogging to remove any allergens that might get in their way while running. Showers with warm water also help provide warm and humid air that is good for asthma sufferers’ lungs after running.

Monitor asthma: If your asthma gets worse with running, you may need to temporarily stop running until better control is achieved with medication or lifestyle modifications.

Know your limits: Running is an strenuous activity that is more likely to trigger an asthma attack than other activities. Therefore, patients should observe and monitor their own allowable limits, do not run too hard and try when the body signals an asthma attack is about to appear.

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