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I have not been pregnant for more than 4 years; IUI failed 3 times, AMH 0.8 ng/mL, IVF was in progress and failed. During the Covid-19 epidemic, what should I do if I can’t visit the doctor? (Tram Dung)


First of all, I am very sympathetic to your case. The story of infertility is very common today, some people succeed from the first treatment, others take longer.

Her AMH was low, so she did assisted reproduction early. In the context of Covid-19, it is quite difficult and hindering to move from the place of residence to the hospital for testing, egg stimulation, egg retrieval. In the current situation, I think you should do two things first: get a Covid-19 vaccine if you can, and eat and live in moderation.

In the diet, the most important thing is to add folic acid, trace elements to prepare a good health foundation before pregnancy. When the epidemic situation reduces stress, she can do assisted reproduction.

Specialist Doctor I Le Duc Thang
Reproductive Support Center, Tam Anh General Hospital, Hanoi


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