Note when cycling in hot weather

Adequate and effective hydration, sun protection and cooling measures will help ensure health and performance when cycling in hot weather.

Cycling in hot weather without careful preparation can lead to a number of phenomena such as dehydration, reduced exercise efficiency and even health effects. To avoid these problems, practitioners can take some of the following measures to ensure the safety of their training activities.

Give your body time to adapt

According to experts, a mistake that many people make is practicing in the sun without preparation or adaptation. In the summer, cycle early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the weather is coolest. Also, take advantage of the breaks to get used to the high temperatures, with a few sauna sessions. If you have to ride a bike at noon, when the temperature is highest, you should allocate plenty of rest in the shade and replenish your body with water.

A cyclist on the central coast of Vietnam.

Protect yourself from the sun

Sunburn not only affects the skin, but also accelerates the metabolism, increasing the body’s need for water. This is not good for cycling on a hot day, when water supply is already quite difficult. Therefore, according to experts, practitioners need to pay attention to always apply sunscreen, choose exercise clothes with sun protection function, definitely change helmets to protect their heads, and don’t forget to cover the nape of the neck.

Prepare cold drinks

To keep drinks from getting heated by the sun, riders can freeze half of the water bottle, and freeze the remaining 3/4 of the water bottle and then use it gradually during cycling. For long-distance biking, look for some spots where you can add cold water. Cold drinks can help lower body temperature and increase exercise performance.

When cycling in hot weather, it is necessary to replenish water sufficiently and effectively.

When cycling in hot weather, it is necessary to replenish water sufficiently and effectively.

Find a way to cool down the body

Many people choose to put a few ice cubes in their shirt to reduce the heat, but according to experts, this is not recommended. When cold ice comes in contact with the skin, it causes blood vessels to constrict, hot color flows back into the body, causing temperature to rise, affecting performance and health. The advice here is to splash cool water on your neck or forearms, or stretch your body with a cool, damp towel.

Replenish water for the bodyeffective

For a few days before a workout or a long bike ride, actively eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water (eg, watermelon, grapes, etc.). When cycling, add electrolyte drinks because sodium will help the body retain the fluids you drink. In addition, according to experts, recovery drinks containing protein will hydrate the body better than carbohydrate host drinks.

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