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Depending on the type of internal hemorrhoid or external hemorrhoid, the doctor will consider the appropriate method such as sclerotherapy, hemorrhoidectomy, etc.

I have internal hemorrhoids but I don’t know if it’s different from external hemorrhoids. I plan to cut hemorrhoids, have learned about the popular method of cutting hemorrhoids longo but I am not sure how? Under what circumstances can this approach be implemented? (Duc Thang, Long An)


Dr. BS Do Minh Hung (Director of the Center for Endoscopy and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City) said that the rate of hemorrhoids accounts for about 4-5% of the population. age 40-65, symptoms are easily confused with fistula, anal fissure, anal abscess. When examining, doctors often diagnose patients with internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids, depending on the origin of the blood vessels. Clinically, internal hemorrhoids are above the dentate line, and external hemorrhoids are below. In severe cases, the hemorrhoids communicate with each other to form mixed hemorrhoids.

Dr. Hung shared, depending on each case, the doctor will examine and use the appropriate method for the patient to achieve high efficiency. For example, grade 1 and 2 hemorrhoids usually apply the procedure of tying an elastic band, sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids, infrared photocoagulation, 3rd punch of vascular ablation through endoscopic ultrasound, stapler, longo cutting; Grade 4 hemorrhoids will most likely have a classic surgery.

According to MSc. Ngo Hoang Kien Tam, one of the popular, less painful surgical methods is longo. This method is only used best for cases of internal hemorrhoids alone, grade 3, grade 4 internal hemorrhoids; In some cases, there are external hemorrhoids accompanied, mixed hemorrhoids need to cut the external hemorrhoids. With longo surgery, the doctor will use a tool to cut around the hemorrhoid and stitches.

The treatment of fast or slow recovery depends on the time of treatment, severity or lightness, few or many hemorrhoids. If there are few hemorrhoids, treatment at the right time will cause less damage. In case of ring hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, when cut, the tissue will be more damaged and more painful. Surgical methods for internal hemorrhoids alone are usually less painful than with associated external hemorrhoids.

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