Note running on rainy days

Runners can still run in the rain if they make sure they have the right clothes, a safe place to practice, keep a slow pace, and dry their bodies right away.

The races are usually unaffected, rain or shine. So practicing to get used to running in a drizzle or even a heavy downpour will help. Exercises running in the rain will help train more will and runners will feel more mentally ready if the weather forecast is not favorable.

Many people like to run in the rain. Image: Shutterstock.

Use the right running shoes

Shoes are very important when training and competing, as well as in the rain. When it’s raining and wet, running shoes are easily soaked in water, making the steps heavy. A pair of shoes with breathable mesh or drainage holes will make it easier for you to run. If possible, the runner can equip a pair of spiked shoes with good grip on the road. This helps limit slippage during running.

When you’ve finished a workout or run in the rain, take off your shoes and stuff some newspaper in them. Doing so will help keep the shape of the shoes, as well as help absorb more moisture to make the shoes dry faster. Do not dry your shoes or dry them in front of the fireplace as the shoes may shrink or distort.

Keep safe

When running in the rain, you must put safety first. Therefore, if you see it suddenly pouring heavy rain, stop. At this time, the runner should find a shelter from the rain, not under a tree. You can stand under the eaves or if you can go to a roadside cafe to wait for the rain to stop.

Rainy weather means the road is more slippery than usual, pay attention to observe, pay attention to both near and far targets. Run short strides instead of long ones to master the balancing situation. In corners, slow down and change direction slowly to stay safe.

Boston Marathon 2018 took place in rainy weather.  Photo: Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon 2018 took place in rainy weather. Image: Boston Marathon.

Use sports glasses, outstanding clothes

Runners need to wear flexible clothing when running in the rain. Check the weather forecast to prepare the right running shirt. Should pay attention not to wear cotton when running in the rainy season, because it is easy to absorb water and sweat. This can put runners at risk of catching colds and illnesses. Bring a thin, water-resistant jacket when jogging in the rainy season.

When running in the rain, stay focused instead of looking down on the road because many risks may occur. Wear reflective clothing that can be seen from a distance in the rain.

It is recommended to use extra sports glasses while jogging to limit foreign objects flying into the eyes, as well as protect from rain water. Thus, the runner has both better vision and helps to keep the eyes safe.

Run slow speed

Certainly running in the rainy season runner cannot run as fast as expected. Therefore, reduce your speed, shorten your steps to limit the possibility of slipping and avoiding injury. If running on a trail, the muddy road is very easy to become unexpected traps that make the runner “pounce”. Bringing gloves or specialized cane will help you better balance.

Limit blistering

Certainly, when jogging in the rain, some skin spots are easy to blister, especially places where there is friction with clothes and running shoes. Therefore, before running, it is necessary to apply vaseline or wear medical gauze to the areas of the skin that are prone to rubbing. The right running clothes, hugging the body also help you limit the problem of blistering of the body

Keep electronic devices free from water

Although most runners now prefer to use GPS watches, some people still prefer to carry their phones to take photos on the track. Remember to bring a sealed nylon bag to store these types of electronic devices because not all devices are water resistant for up to several hours. Many grocery stores or markets will sell small ziplock bags that are perfect for smartphone sizes.

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