Not just a cryptocurrency, Blockchain will be a technology “tsunami”

Affirming that Blockchain is not just a cryptocurrency, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of FPT Corporation said that Blockchain technology will be applied in many areas of life.

This is the sharing of Mr. Vu Anh Tu – Technology Director of FPT Corporation shared at the recently held CTO Summit 2022 Forum.

According to this expert, Blockchain technology is opening up many application opportunities in practice, creating a wave of startups and exciting innovation both in the world and in Vietnam.

From the definition of Blockchain as a mechanism to store and manage data according to a decentralized mechanism, with the ability to ensure information integrity, it can be seen that Blockchain can be applied in many different contexts.

“Cryptocurrency can be seen as the most popular application of Blockchain, but it is not the only one,” Tu said.

According to Mr. Vu Anh Tu, Blockchain technology is creating an exciting wave of startups and innovation both in the world and in Vietnam.

Sharing his perspective on Blockchain technology, FPT CTO commented: “With its breakthrough influence, Blockchain will create a technology tsunami that covers all industries from traditional to applications. Latest”.

Vietnam is also one of the countries that went early and made achievements in the field of Blockchain. According to Chainalysis, Vietnam is the country with the highest Blockchain application adoption index in the world, 5 times the number of users in the US.

In 2020, Blockchain is one of the technology fields on the list of priorities for research, development and application for the 4th Industrial Revolution as decided by the Government.

Facing that fact, FPT’s Chief Technology Officer said that, with the ability to explore many opportunities in many fields, Blockchain is gradually becoming a technology pillar in Vietnam when applied in a number of industries such as the government. digital, logistics, retail, fintech, healthcare, agriculture, entertainment.

With many applications in different fields, not just cryptocurrencies, Blockchain will be a technology “tsunami”.

With the perspective of an expert, according to Mr. Vu Anh Tu, Blockchain technology has four major applications, bringing great meaning to life.

The first is supply chain management. “For example, when we enter a restaurant and eat a dish, how does that restaurant control the input ingredients? Blockchain can manage this,” Tu shared.

The second is the insurance and medical sectors. Blockchain adoption will help solve these problems, allowing health information systems to work together to promote efficient healthcare delivery for individuals and communities.

Next are real estate investment programs. In Vietnam today, there are companies that split assets into tokens. Owning these tokens is how someone with little money in their pocket can get involved in real estate investing.

With the fourth largest application of Blockchain technology, Mr. Tu said that it is electronic identification. Blockchain is the best platform for electronic identity.

“I believe with the government’s promotion, e-identification will soon be popular with everyone,” emphasized Mr. Tu.

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