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Norway Prime Minister fined 1.75 lakh rupees, broke Corona rule

Oslo: Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg has been fined for breaking the social distancing rule of Kovid-19. Norwegian police gave this information on Friday. In February, Prime Minister Erna Solberg had a party with 13 family members to celebrate her 60th birthday, while more than 10 people gathered at one place is banned. Solberg has been fined 20 thousand Norway Crowns i.e. around Rs 1,75,456. The Prime Minister apologized for this party held at the Mountain Resort last month.

Police say that in most such cases it does not take penalty, but the Prime Minister is the main face of the government in implementing government restrictions. Police Chief Ole Severud has justified the action, saying that ‘although the law is the same for everyone, but not all are equal before the law’. He said that it is right to impose such a penalty for restoring confidence in the general public towards social restrictions.

Police said that Solberg and her husband Cindre Fines had both decided to organize this party. It was the Fins who were watching all the arrangements for this party. Police say that the fines and restaurants also violated the rules but they have not been fined. Police Chief Ole Severud said, “Solberg is the country’s leader and has been the leader of the restrictions imposed to prevent the infection of the virus.”

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