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North Korea’s Corona victims struggling with lack of facilities, Kim Jong-un secretly got Chinese vaccine installed

Often in the news, Kim Jong is once again in the headlines. It is being said that he and his close friends have secretly introduced the Corona vaccine. It has been claimed in the news of a website.

The website quoted two Japanese intelligence sources as claiming that the North Korean ruler had got the Corona vaccine installed. Not only this, Kim’s family members and many high officials have also got the Corona vaccine installed. This report has also claimed that North Korea has been provided with Corona vaccine by China and that two and three have already been vaccinated by Kim and others.

Let me tell you that a few days ago, a Reuters news said that North Korea is being seen as a suspect behind the hacking of the data of AstraZenka Company’s Corona vaccine.

Significantly, North Korea is struggling badly with Kovid-19 but no one knows the exact number of corona patients in the country as no official data has been released about it. Last month, a report claimed that North Korea had left Corona victims in their country to starve in secret camps.

The Corona crisis has come as a big shock to North Korea because the economic situation of this country facing many economic sanctions is very bad. North Korea sealed its borders in January to avoid Corona. However, despite this, some cases of corona reportedly reached North Korea.

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