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North Korea on the verge of starvation, people are committing suicide – UN report

North Korea News: North Korea has reached the brink of serious starvation today due to the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and deteriorating global relations, and due to this people have been forced to commit suicide. This claim has been made in a United Nations report. An independent UN investigator on the isolated Northeast Asian country said that North Korea has never been more isolated from the global community than it has ever been, and that the situation has a “tremendous impact on the human rights of people within the country”. It has had an impact.

The danger of starvation for children and the elderly – United Nations

Tomas Ojia Quintana told the UN General Assembly’s Human Rights Committee and at an earlier press conference that North Korea is facing a food crisis, affecting people’s livelihoods and starvation for children and the elderly. He said he was also “deeply concerned” about the shortage of food grains in the camps of political prisoners.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) closed borders to contain the pandemic, which had a serious impact on the health of the people of North Korea, as the country faces a lack of health infrastructure investment and a lack of medical supplies. Has been doing.

People are migrating from the country – United Nations

He said that people are committing suicide and fleeing the country due to this suicidal step of the DPRK government to prevent Kovid-19. In his final report to the General Assembly after six years as the UN Special Investigator on Human Rights in the DPRK, Quintana said, “Restrictions on freedom of movement and the closure of national borders have disrupted market activity that provides food for people.” It is extremely important to have access to basic necessities including

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