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North Korea dictator Kim Jong, minister outraged by bad economy, removed

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un expressed displeasure over his cabinet’s performance and removed a senior finance official appointed a month ago from service. Kim alleged that these officials did not present any new idea to bring the country’s economy going through a crisis.

According to Friday’s news by state media KCNA, Kim was hopeful that her diplomacy to remove US sanctions about nuclear programs would work, but she was stuck. At the same time, due to the closure of borders due to Kovid-19 epidemic and crop failure in natural disaster, the economy going through the crisis has become more troubled. According to the news, this is the most difficult phase in Kim’s nine-year tenure.

Due to the current challenges, Kim had to publicly acknowledge the failure of earlier economic plans. The Five-Year Economic Plan was presented at the ‘Workus Party Congress’ meeting in January, but Kim’s disappointment about the plans implemented so far was clearly reflected in the party’s Central Committee meeting on Thursday.

Kim said in Thursday’s meeting that the cabinet failed to kill the economy. According to KCNA, now O Su Yong has been appointed as the new director of the Central Committee’s Department of Economic Affairs, replacing Kim Tu II.

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