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Nobel Prize 2020: Louise Gulk of America won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2020

new Delhi: The Nobel Prize of literature has been announced for the year 2020. US poet Louise Gulk has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this year.

Announcing the award, the Swedish Academy has tweeted that the Nobel Prize for Literature for the year 2020 is being given to American litterateur Louise Galk for poetry giving voice to personal existence. Let me tell you that Lewis is a very respected writer. She is also very active on social issues.

Earlier on Wednesday announced the award of two Nobel Scientists for the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for developing a method of “genome editing” that will prove to be helpful in the treatment of genetic diseases and even cancer. Went.

The Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm won the prestigious award by Emmanue Shappentiye and Jennifer A. Announced to give to Donna. This is the first time that two women in the field of chemistry have been announced to be awarded this award simultaneously,

French scientist Shapantei and American scientist Jennifer developed a method called ‘CRISPR / CAS 9’ (Crisper / Kas9), which can be used to more precisely replace the DNA of animals, plants and microbes.


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