No events on March 23: Apple ‘counter-espionage’ succeeds?

According to a source, Apple has released fake information about the 23/3 event, deceiving even the most horned “gossip experts”.

Apple “trick” successfully all gossip experts? (Photo: iMore)

Rumor Apple organizing the event on March 23 to launch many new products has been tingling for a long time. However, it seems that this information is part of Apple’s own “counter-espionage” scheme, making even the most stubborn experts deceived. It is a sign that their internal source is no longer trusted.

Apple is known for its secrecy. Pride of “defective apple” is able to bring surprise and interesting to customers. So the leaked news goes against that direction, and obviously, Apple wants to counterattack.

Many princes are rumored to report that the Apple event will take place on March 23. Usually, press invitations are sent a week earlier, but so far there has been no action.

Reporters of the event were silent about their mistakes, except for Jon Presser. In the latest video, he admits Apple was somehow sending March 23 to all sources. History records that many companies, governments … used fake information to find out the bad guy or the person disclosing the rumor. By distributing fake news to a select group of employees, Apple can identify the source of the internal distribution.

According to Presser, from February, a source of his own revealed Apple will hold the event in April. However, he ignored it because other sources mentioned March 23. He said the April event was pre-recorded and introduced many products such as the AirTags, the 10.2-inch iPad.

If the information is correct, this will be Apple’s only April event in the past 10 years. The last time “missing apple” held an event in April was 2010, launching iOS 4.

Du Lam (According to Apple Insider)

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