Ninh Thuan, Ben Tre appeared for the first time Covid-19

Ninh Thuan recorded a 33-year-old man in Ninh Hai district with Covid-19 after returning from Ho Chi Minh City. Ben Tre also appeared the first positive case, a 7-year-old boy.

This is the first case in Ninh Thuan in the new epidemic, which was announced by the Ministry of Health as “patient 19313”. Currently, this patient has been transferred to the provincial General Hospital for treatment.

Department of Infectious Diseases, where Covid-19 patients are treated at Ninh Thuan General Hospital. Image: Truong Nguyen.

Before that, he and two other people (male 25 years old, female 32 years old) temporarily resided in Tan Thoi Nhat ward, district 12, Ho Chi Minh City. Before returning home, on July 1, all three went to Xuyen A Hospital for a quick test and all received negative results.

On the morning of July 2, three people went on two motorbikes to their hometown. On the way without contacting anyone, filling up petrol in Dong Nai and Binh Thuan without remembering the address and name of the gas station.

At noon of the same day, returning to Ho Hai commune, the three went to the Health Station to make a medical declaration, then returned to the same house to isolate in Go Gu village.

Yesterday, the combined test samples of three people tested positive. CDC Ninh Thuan tested each case individually, identifying 32-year-old youth in the nCoV infection group.

Eleven F1s were taken to concentrated isolation at the 896th Infantry Regiment. 142 F2 and F3 cases were isolated at home. Currently, all have negative results.

The local government sealed off the house where the infected person lived, and set up an epidemic control point at the top of the village overnight.

According to Ninh Thuan CDC, this case is related to epidemiological factors at Hoc Mon wholesale market. When he returned to Ninh Thuan, the schedule of the infection was clear, isolated at home, did not come into contact with many people outside, so the work of tracing and controlling the source of infection was very timely.

During the first outbreak in March 2020, Ninh Thuan also recorded 2 infections including: “patient 61”, 42 years old, and “patient 67”, 36 years old, in Van Lam 3 village, Phuoc Nam commune, Thuan Nam district. They attended a Muslim event in Malaysia, returned home and fell ill. The Cham village where the two men reside had to be sealed off for 28 days.

In Ben Tre, Mr. Ngo Van Tan – Director of the Provincial Department of Health said that the 7-year-old boy tested positive for nCoV. Baby is the grandson of a man infected with Covid-19 in Tien Giang. This case has not been announced by the Ministry of Health and is considered as suspected infection.

According to epidemiological investigation, the 44-year-old man works at My Tho fishing port, often returns to his wife’s house in the afternoon in An Khanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province.

The patient's home area is on lockdown.  Photo: Hoang Nam

The patient’s home area is on lockdown. Image: Hoang Nam

On June 30, he was tested positive for nCoV. Two days ago, the boy had a fever, was tired, then went for a test and it was positive. The boy and his mother were then taken to isolation and treated at the Provincial Hospital for Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Ben Tre province has blocked the patient’s home area with 15 households, 48 ​​people. In addition to the boy, the man’s 11 F1 tests are negative.

CDC Ben Tre is proposing social distancing under Directive 15 or 16 in An Khanh commune, Chau Thanh district. In addition, from 0:00 on July 7, all people entering Ben Tre province must have a negative Covid-19 test certificate within 7 days.

Viet Quoc – Hoang Nam


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