Nicolas Bedos ends his career as a polemicist on social networks

The director is leaving Twitter and Instagram which, by his own admission, served as his “Fallow garden at [s]personal resentment ” and of “More or less effective forum” against political correctness.

“I tasted this violence and hated it.” Nicolas Bedos, to whom we owe the very successful Belle Epoque and the next one OSS 117 , withdraws from social networks where he has been controversial in recent months. “Farewell”he told Twitter and Instagram in a message posted to the same two sites.

The director rewinds the thread of his presence on the networks and concedes that they served him as “Fallow garden at [s]personal resentment and impulsive anger ”. In September, he spoke out in favor of collective disobedience to health measures: “Let’s live to the fullest, kiss each other, die, have a fever, cough (…)”. Attracting wrath from all sides, starting with those of Olivier Véran and ending with those of Marc Lévy. Twitter and Instagram have served him, he continues, “A more or less effective forum in the face of the scourge of political correctness”. The latest subject? The need to be vaccinated.

“Today, aware of the limits of direct expression and the media perversion it causes, I decided to leave social networks in order to devote myself exclusively to my work”, writes Nicolas Bedos in this tweet published on Saturday 30, between two enticing images ofOSS 117. Visibly overwhelmed by the (yet expected) impact of his words, he had already qualified his anger last September: “I remind you that we are still free to think differently, to debate, to be indignant, and even to make mistakes.“.

Some tried to hold Bedos back. “Your word, which was free, will be missed. People who love you kiss you and thank you ”, sends him the journalist Bruno Cras. Another internet user, a great admirer of his films, finds his account there and is delighted that he is concentrating again “On his work”.


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