Nicolas Bary, experimental filmmaker

PORTRAIT – This film director is at the origin of Polarisa concept between role-playing and immersive theater that immerses participants in a post-global warming world.

An unwelcoming grouper observes the survivors huddled behind the bay window. In the distance, a school of jellyfish undulates around a farmer in a diving suit. “We are in 2125 and have found refuge in an underwater station”, explains Nicolas Bary. The group hasn’t put on the wetsuits and wrist pads yet, but the attention is there. Slightly oppressive music like submarine films makes us believe that we are really in The world of silence. “Global warming has forced humans to take refuge under the ocean, continues our host. Do you prefer to be an “upper”, which aims for a return to the surface, or a “downer”, which prefers to stay underwater and hybridize with gills to live in harmony with aquatic fauna and flora?»

An extraordinary project

This spring morning at the Aquarium du Trocadéro in Paris, director Nicolas Bary (The Children of Timpelbach, To the Happiness of the Ogres, Le Petit Spirou) presents to a crowd of investors its immersive experience…

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