Nice attack: 2,429 victims were supported by the guarantee fund

Posted on Jul 13, 2021 at 7:39 am

This is the story of one of the 2,429 direct and indirect victims of the Nice attack. On the evening of July 14, 2016, Caroline * lost her father in the ram truck attack on the Promenade des Anglais. Claimed by the Islamic State, the drama left 86 dead and 458 injured.

Herself present on the scene with her partner Cédric *, Caroline had to deal with both bereavement and psychological trauma. Five years after the tragedy, their representations to the Guarantee Fund for Victims of Terrorist Acts (FGTI) to obtain compensation for their damage are still underway.

“After receiving a first provision from the fund at the end of July 2016 as a beneficiary, it was nothing for months,” explains Caroline.

She and her partner were finally recognized as psychic victims two years ago. “Following numerous steps, we received an offer of compensation”, but negotiations are continuing between the couple, assisted by their lawyer, and the FGTI.

A total of 83 million euros paid by the FGTI

Bereaved relatives, people injured physically or mentally … All the victims known to date, direct and indirect, have been able to be financially supported by the FGTI, the organization indicates in a recent press release.

At 1er July 2021, this structure had paid a total of 83 million euros in compensation to the victims of the Nice attack, imposing an amount for each damage: the amount allocated varies according to the specific situation of each and the expertise of the doctors .

“A majority of cases have been closed. The question of the recognition of damages, which should be distinguished from that of the quantification of these damages, has been accomplished for the victims of Nice, observes Karen Pilibossian, legal manager of the Nice branch of the French Association of Victims of Terrorism. But there will always be more difficult cases, some mistakes ”.

According to her, there are still areas for improvement, especially regarding the expertise of minor victims. “There is still a lot of work to be done to identify expert child psychiatrists,” she underlines.

Jean-Claude Hubler, president of the association of victims Life for Nice, makes a similar observation. “It went very well for some”, but there were also “badly referred families”. In particular, the presence or absence of a lawyer, the choice of this lawyer, can have an effect on the outcome of the case, believe the victims.

A fund mainly financed by the community of policyholders

The compensation allocated by the FGTI is mainly financed by the community of insureds – the fund does not receive any budgetary allocation from the State.

A sum of 5.90 euros is deducted from each property insurance contract. Its revenues also come, to a lesser extent, from the proceeds of its financial investments (11.68% of revenues in 2019) and proceedings against perpetrators (10.43% in 2019).

The Ministry of the Economy also mentioned in January 2021 the possibility of a reform relating to the financing of this fund. A response to a summary of the Court of Auditors, alerting to the deterioration of his financial situation. Bercy then said it was ready to move from a flat-rate contribution to a proportional contribution, and to broaden the base.

* First names have been changed

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