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News raising news from Norway amidst Kovid vaccination, 23 killed after vaccination

In fact, it has been claimed by the Government of Norway that 23 people have died there after vaccination. Pfizer’s vaccine formulated in the US is being used in Norway. The claim made by Norway says that 23 people have died so far after vaccination. The people who die are all very old people. Many are told to be 80 years of age and some of more than 90 years.

Seriously ill, bad effect on elderly

In fact, vaccination has been started in Norway in December only with the Pfizer vaccine. In Norway, 33,000 people have been given the first dose of the vaccine so far. After the talk of death of so many people after vaccination, instructions have been given by the Government of Norway. According to him, Pfizer’s Kovid vaccine can prove fatal for the elderly and already ill people. In fact, 13 out of 23 people were postmortem in which it has been found that minor side effects of the vaccine had a dangerous effect on the sick and elderly people.

Vaccine safe for youth
On the other hand, while clarifying the situation regarding its instruction, it has been said from the Government of Norway that it is not at all that this vaccine has adversely affected the young and healthy people. This vaccine has a negative effect on the seriously ill and elderly people, but it is not the case that young people will avoid vaccination. However, these incidents indicate that the vaccination program should be closely monitored.

Investigating the case: Pfizer
At the same time, the statement of Pfizer, a vaccine company, has also come out about this whole episode. On behalf of Pfizer, it has been said that we are investigating the matter together with the Government of Norway. However, the number of incidents reported so far is not very worrying.

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