Newborn baby convulsing due to lack of calcium in fetus

Ho Chi Minh CityA 1.5-month-old boy was transferred from Soc Trang to the City Children’s Hospital, with convulsions all over the body, cyanosis.

From birth, babies often cry, cry at night, spit milk, twist themselves. After being admitted to the hospital for three days, the child had a mild fever, cough, and convulsions, each about 30-40 seconds, 3-4 times a day. Local hospital doctor administers emergency anticonvulsant treatment, she has more seizures with 7-8 times a day, moved to Ho Chi Minh City last week.

Doctor Nguyen Minh Tien (Deputy Director of City Children’s Hospital) said that the baby’s breathing was weak, so he should be intubated to help breathe through the machine, to prevent convulsions. Brain ultrasound, cerebrospinal fluid are normal, but electrolyte results show that the baby has severe hypocalcemia, less than half of normal. Blood levels of vitamin D are also very low.

Doctors treated the first stage of emergency intravenous blood calcium supplementation, then oral calcium and vitamin D supplements. After a week of treatment, the patient’s condition improved gradually, the convulsions stopped, he was awake, he was weaned from the ventilator, and he was nursing well.

The girl gradually recovered after a week of treatment for hypocalcaemia. Photo: City Children’s Hospital

“This is a case of early manifestation of hypocalcaemia due to lack of supply from the womb,” Dr. Tien analyzed. Doctors recommend that pregnant mothers need to eat enough nutrients, including foods rich in calcium such as stewed bones, shrimp, crabs, fish… After giving birth, mothers need to continue to eat enough nutrients, including calcium. , so that children can enjoy calcium from breast milk.

Children should be sunbathing in the morning for about 10 minutes so that the body can have enough vitamin D needed for the absorption of calcium in the intestines, to avoid rickets and severe hypocalcemia. Vitamin D and calcium supplements can be taken as directed by your pediatrician.

Le Phuong