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New wave of Corona in America outraged, in the last 24 hours two hundred thousand new cases have come out

Coronavirus US: The new wave of Corona virus epidemic in America, the world’s most powerful country, has caused a fury. More than two lakh new cases of corona virus have been reported in the US in the last 24 hours. With this, the number of people getting infected with Corona has now gone up to 10 crore 55 lakh 9 thousand 184.

According to the website Worldometer, two lakh 45 thousand 799 people have died due to Corona virus in America. Till now 66 lakh one thousand 331 people have recovered from this epidemic and have gone home. At present, treatment of 37 lakh 12 thousand 54 people is being done in America, in which the condition of 19 thousand 374 people is serious.

In america Worst time of pandemicStill to come: Expert

Experts have expressed concern that America is not ready for the coming cold weather and holidays, while by this time the corona epidemic may be in its deadliest phase yet. According to The Guardian’s article, America is moving toward a time when there will be long periods of family celebrations over the holidays and Corona restrictions will not be followed. Those university emergency room physician Megan Rane said, “We are going into the worst phase of the epidemic. The fate of the country depends on the epidemic for the next two months.”

We can get tired of viruses, not WHO

World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adholm Ghebayeus has warned people about the corona virus. He said that we can be weak while fighting this epidemic but Corona is not tired of us. Tedros expressed happiness over Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election. He said that there is hope that there will be global cooperation in fighting the epidemic. He urged people to follow science and not to blind their eyes to the virus. Tredos himself has been quarantined after coming in contact with a corona infected. He warned that the virus hunts people with weak health.

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