New technology dishwasher, washing 163 items with only 9.5 liters of water

European household brand Beko has just launched an independent dishwasher, equipped with many technological features, with a minimalist style, suitable for consumers.

Designed for ease of use

The Beko dishwasher has a quite luxurious design thanks to its neutral color, made of stainless steel without fingerprints, in addition to a touch LED screen for users to easily customize other washing modes. mixture, 75 ° C automatic booster washing, 40 ° C glassware washing, pre-rinsing … In total, Beko dishwashers are equipped with 8 washing programs.

Inside the machine is designed with 3 floors including: the top floor is used to wash chopsticks, spoon, fork; the middle and lower floors can be used to wash dishes, dishes and pots. A special feature of Beko dishwashers is that the middle floor can be raised and lowered thanks to the height adjustment rack, increasing the area and creating more space for the lower shelf for large dishes or large pots.

Save electricity and water by cleaning up to 163 items in one wash

Generally, dishwashers are perceived to use more electricity and water and use more detergents than washing by hand. But in fact the dishwasher has the maximum water saving ability, thanks to the use of a large-capacity motor, plus design nozzles and hot water mode with a dedicated dishwasher. On average, the amount of water used to clean up to 15 European dishes – equivalent to more than 100 items including bowls, plates, bowls, forks, spoons, chopsticks … and pots and pans, only 9 , 5 liters of water.

In addition, to meet the expectations of consumers, Beko dishwashers are equipped with a variety of technologies, outstanding among them are the following 3 special technologies:

Aquaintense tornado: This is the secondary sprayer on the right of the lower sprayer, combining multiple nozzles alternating with strong water pressure and whirlwind motion, so that Beko dishwashers are considered to have better cleaning efficiency 5 times more than conventional dishwashers, making it easy to remove stubborn stains. This technology is suitable for living habits of families who often use many pots and pans when cooking.

New technology dishwasher, washing 163 items with only 9.5 liters of water

Cornerintense multi-point deep vortex: With its rectangular motion spray arm design, it helps the machine distribute water and detergent evenly to all positions even at the farthest corners. Thanks to that, families who have a habit of using many dishes can make the most of the space inside the machine to arrange more dishes.

ProSmart Inverter Motor: 3 out of 4 newly launched models have a ProSmart Inverter motor, which helps the machine operate smoothly and save energy at the maximum level. The models are equipped with Prosmart Inverter motors, respectively DFN16410W, DFN28422X and DEN48520X. The DFN05311W series uses conventional motors.

According to information from Beko, the dishwasher product launched this time is in the mid-range segment, suitable for the majority of Vietnamese consumers. The selling price of the product falls between 17 – 24 million dong.

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