New “Russian” haven, the Emirates in the sights of the anti-money laundering policeman

“Can I obtain citizenship of the United Arab Emirates? On “Russian Emirates”, the site of the “lifestyle” magazine for Russians based in the Gulf monarchies, the question topped the page views on Monday. Air flight facilities, visas, new privileges for “golden” visa holders granted to investors with dual nationality… Since the war in Ukraine, the Emirates have taken advantage of their non-alignment with international sanctions targeting Russia.

What also attract increased vigilance from the anti-money laundering authorities. In early March, the FATF, the international body for combating the laundering of money from illicit activities, placed the Gulf country on its “grey list”, along with Syria, Yemen and South Sudan. or Mali. A notch below the blacklist, this list references the countries which are under increased surveillance by the Financial Action Task Force, and which are forced to close the loopholes in their systems.

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