New rules to facilitate access to housing for victims of serious illnesses

Posted 3 Feb. 2022 at 07:15 PMUpdated Feb 3. 2022 at 07:41 PM

Patient associations claim victory. On Thursday, parliamentarians agreed on new rules allowing people who are victims of serious illnesses to obtain credit more easily and therefore to have easier access to property.

This is “a historic step forward”, said the association for helping LGBT + people living with HIV, the Seropotes. The decisions adopted constitute “major advances”, welcomed the RosUp association supporting women affected by cancer.

A “huge social advance”

In detail, the parliamentarians gathered to agree on a bill aimed at improving competition in the borrower insurance market, have taken note of the abolition of the medical questionnaire for credits maturing before the 60th anniversary of the borrower and for loans of less than 200,000 euros. They have also decided to reduce the right to be forgotten period for cancerous pathologies and hepatitis C from 10 to 5 years.

The right to be forgotten allows people who have suffered from one of these serious illnesses but who have been cured for several years not to mention their past health problems when taking out a loan and the insurance that goes with it. . The idea is to avoid them having to pay an additional cost, on the grounds that they would risk more than others not being able to repay their loan.

By halving the period of the right to be forgotten, “the Senate, against the initial opinion of the government, has thus concretized the campaign promise of the President of the Republic”, argued the senators in a press release. The Minister of Health Olivier Véran, however, welcomed a “huge social progress”.

Disappointed insurers

The proposal is in any case not to the liking of insurers who would like to avoid granting cover blindly. “Reducing the period of the right to be forgotten without it being based on medical data is surprising to say the least, reacts Franck Le Vallois, the general manager of France Assureurs. This risks increasing the cost of borrower insurance for all French people”.

The insurers would have preferred that the professionals work freely on this subject within the framework of the convention “To Insure and Borrow with Aggravated Health Risk” (AERAS), on which the Assembly had proposed to rely.

The parliamentarians decided to ask the signatories of this convention to work so that “chronic pathologies are no longer an obstacle to accessing property”, underlines the Senate. But “the compromise found requires the government to take measures in this area by July 31, 2022, in the event that the negotiations prove insufficient”.

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