New missions, new spaces and new energies

New challenges, new opportunities will create new missions, new spaces. New missions, new spaces will create new energy, new approaches, and this will be a resource for breakthroughs to rise.

Speaking at the meeting to summarize the work in 2020 and the implementation of the tasks in 2021 taking place on the morning of January 12, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung said that the Information and Communication Industry has never had a great mission like now.

And this is also a rare opportunity for the industry to reposition itself, see the challenges and identify the right new living space that plays a decisive role in all development. New challenges, new opportunities will create new missions, new spaces. New missions, new spaces will create new energy, new approaches, and this will be a resource to break through.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung speaking at the Conference on the morning of January 12

Determining the right living space determines development

Postage is the foundation to help people get rich

If the postage is mail delivery and the parcel then the postage will still be the postage. But if postage is to guarantee the physical flow in addition to the flow of data, if postage is the platform to support every individual, every household can do business, to have access to the national and the whole market. demand, postage is the foundation to help business people get rich and escape poverty. And so, the post’s living space, the new mission of post is extremely great.

Telecommunications become the infrastructure of the digital economy

If telecommunications continues to be the communication infrastructure, then telecommunications will remain as telecommunications. But if telecommunications is the infrastructure of the digital economy, if telecommunications is the infrastructure of data storage and processing, if telecommunications is the infrastructure that provides technology like services to people, all businesses to help you. when they create products, telecommunications has become the business infrastructure of the digital economy. A new space, a new mission of telecommunications has been gradually taking shape.

IT application development is breakthrough

If the IT application continues to be the automation of old operations, it will remain the IT application. But if the application of IT is to use digital technology for digital transformation (CDS), to change the operating model, IT is really a revolution helping humanity move from the real world to the digital world.

College of Education is the next development of IT application, but a breakthrough development. The breakthrough is that it brings all activities to a digital, all-people and comprehensive environment. The breakthrough is that, instead of doing it gradually, doing part by part, do it comprehensively, set high goals and do quickly. The breakthrough is, it changes the way we operate our work and our lives. The breakthrough is that the cheaper it is to use it, the better it is used, the better the technology develops. The breakthrough is that the dare to change and apply a new model is more important than the development of technology. The breakthrough is that, behind countries become more powerful, faster and first. The breakthrough is that, where more difficult, poorer, the application is more effective. The breakthrough is that it gives the poorest access to the best services, but at a very low price. The breakthrough was that, every person, every household, every small business had access to national and global markets, and thus motivated all businesses to get rich. The breakthrough is that it does not force us to go through the catch-up phase, then to the end and then beyond, but can take the lead from the very beginning and through which the breakthrough rises, changes. rank, and because successful leading that becomes leading other countries.

Information security protects prosperity in cyberspace

If information security (ATTT) is still protecting IT systems, it will still be. But if security is to protect Vietnam’s prosperity on cyberspace, is to build a safe industry, cybersecurity like the defense industry, to own a safe product ecosystem, network security. Vietnam, to become a power of safety and cybersecurity to protect the country on cyberspace, the security system will really have a huge new space and mission.

The ICT industry turns Vietnam into a technology country

If the ICT industry is still assembly, outsourcing, and employment, then this sector will remain the same. But if the ICT industry is Make in Vietnam, is the development of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises, is the master of technology, is design, is creating and making in Vietnam, is solving the problem that Vietnam helps, Vietnam develops and from here comes out. conquering the world, turning Vietnam into a technology country, growing 2 to 4 times higher than the national GDP growth, is the driving force and the solution to turn Vietnam into a prosperous power, to become a developed country. With high income in 2045, the ICT industry has received a completely new mission, completely not the same.

The media aroused the desire for strong prosperity in Vietnam

If the press continues to report who, where, what to do, when it will be like hundreds of years ago. But if the press is a true reflection of the main flow of the society, propaganda on the Party’s and State’s lines and policies penetrates deeply into each citizen, spreads positive energy, creates consensus and social trust. , arousing the aspiration of Vietnam to be strong and prosperous, contributing to creating spiritual strength for Vietnam to break through to become a high-income developed country, the press has received a new mission.

Any country that has transformed into a tiger dragon is based on spiritual strength. That power is only activated when the nation has a big dream, a great desire. The draft XIII Congress of the Party has set out this aspiration. The mission of the media is to arouse this aspiration in all Vietnamese people, and from this aspiration to spiritual strength, and from this spiritual strength to national development action.

New missions, new spaces and new energies

The year 2021 is the first year of a new period, not only for the ICT industry but also for the country and the world.

The year 2021 is not only a new year, but also the first year of a 5-year period for Vietnam to surpass the low-middle income, the first year of a 10-year period so that by 2030 Vietnam becomes a middle-income country. high average, is the first year of the 25-year period for Vietnam in 2045 to become a developed country with high income and socialist orientation. The way to achieve that goal is science and technology, innovation, the 4th industrial revolution, college. And the decisive factor is to build and rectify the Party to create people’s belief in the Party.

New challenges, new opportunities will create new missions, new spaces. New missions, new spaces will create new energies, new approaches, and this will be a resource for us to break through.

From new perceptions and new visions, units in the information and communication industry will have to concretize into action programs. Directive No. 01 in 2021 of the Minister of Information and Communications has clearly stated the things that the ICT industry must do, with the spirit of aspiration to prosperity, great mission, high goals, new approaches, breakthrough solutions. , working for 5 years in 1 year, developing rapidly and sustainably, and through that, talented people appear for the industry, for the country.

(Readers can see the full text of Minister Nguyen Manh Hung at the Conference on summarizing the work in 2020 and implementing the tasks in 2021 of the Ministry of Information and Communications here)


`` The ICT industry has never had a big mission like now ''

“Information and communication industry has never had such a great mission as it is now”

According to Minister Nguyen Manh Hung, the second innovation is digital transformation. The Information and Communication Industry is again pioneering with a new mission, a new space and new energy.


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