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New member joins Biden family, President welcomes like this

Trending News In Hindi: Everyone likes to have a pet and spend quality time with them. These days, cute dogs and cats are succeeding in making a special place in everyone’s heart. US President Joe Biden is also an animal lover and he has been expressing his love for animals. He recently welcomed a German Shepherd to the White House, while now the President has informed about the arrival of a new Pat in the White House by sharing a picture on social media.


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Michael Larosa told that Willow had met First Lady Jill Biden in the year 2020 itself. At that time, Jill Biden was addressing an event during her husband’s 2020 election campaign in Pennsylvania. Then Willow had reached the stage uninvited there. After which seeing Willow with Jill Biden, her owner made up her mind to give it to Jill Biden.

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At the moment, two new guests to the White House, Willow and Commander, in addition to the Biden family, came to the White House with their two germinal shepherd dogs, Champ and Major. Let us tell you that Willow is the first cat to enter the White House after the death of George W Bush’s pet cat India in 2009. India was an American shorthair cat that lived with George W. Bush’s family for nearly two decades.

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