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New lockdown announced in France after rapid rise of corona infects, recovery rate extremely low

Paris: French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a new nationwide lockdown to his country on Wednesday. But he said that schools and some workplaces would remain open during the lockdown. This new lockdown has been announced due to increasing cases of Corona virus infection. Due to increase in the number of Kovid-19 patients, hospitals in Europe are filling up.

The French leader said that lockdown was the only way to counter the Kovid-19. A nationwide lockdown will be implemented from Friday. During this time all restaurants, bars and non-essential businesses in France will remain closed. However, the work of factories, farming and construction can be continued. Apart from this, nursing homes will also be open.

France is the fifth country most affected by Corona
France is the fifth country most affected by the Corona virus. According to the WorldMeter, 530 people died in the epidemic in France on Tuesday and 33,417 new cases were reported. The total number of infected in France is more than 1.2 million and 35 thousand people have lost their lives. The corona recovery rate in France is very low. Only 1 lakh 13 thousand people have been cured, more than 10 lakh people are undergoing treatment. Compared to India, 73 lakh patients out of 80 lakh infected have recovered here.

In Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic, cases of infection are increasing in a similar way. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is also pressuring the governors of 16 states of the country to announce partial lockdown. The plan for new sanctions in Germany is being opposed and thousands of people are demonstrating in the Brandenburg Gate area of ​​Berlin.

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