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New Kovid-19 Vaccine Ready for South African Variant Testing, Moderna Announces

Moderna announced on Wednesday that her new vaccine targeting the South African variant of the corona virus is ready for testing. The American drug maker also said that vaccine doses have been sent to the American National Institutes of Health for examination.

Moderna’s initiative against South African variant

Let us tell you that the South African variant of the corona virus is considered more dangerous. The reason behind this is believed to be inhibiting the action of antibodies because antibodies attack the old strain of corona virus. This means that the patients who had come in the grip of the virus earlier, may be at risk of falling ill for the second time. Research has also shown that the South African variant has partially reduced the protection provided by the current vaccine. However, in the initial testing, Modrna’s original vaccine mRNA-1273 proved to be effective against emerging variants. The company has said that a number of strategies are being considered to develop a variant specific vaccine.

Kovid-19 vaccine dose sent for testing

On Monday, the American Food and Drug Administration announced a major relief to drug companies. He said that companies making variant specific vaccines would not need to go through a lengthy approval process as they had to go through the original vaccine. Moderna also announced to increase its global production capacity. He told that the company would be able to make up to 1.4 billion doses of its vaccine in 2020 if the need arises. Apart from this, it also said that the company is increasing its production on the international surface from 600 million doses to 700 million doses for 2021. Moderna has shipped 60 million doses including 55 million doses in the US so far.

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