New consumption habits of the French, opening of shops on Sundays … The “8h30 franceinfo” by Michel-Édouard Leclerc

Michel-Édouard Leclerc, president of the E centers. ?? Leclerc was the guest of “8h30 franceinfo”, Tuesday January 26, 2021. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Michel-Édouard Leclerc, president of the strategy committee of E. Leclerc distributors, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Tuesday January 26, 2021. New consumption habits of the French, Sunday work … He answers questions from Marc Fauvelle and Salhia Brakhlia.

Covid-19: consumers favor “eating better”

The Covid-19 epidemic has upset the consumption habits of the French who now favor the “eat better” and the “well-being”, assures Michel-Edouard Leclerc. “We can do less sport [notamment en raison du couvre-feu], so you have to eat better “. Consumers have gotten used to living with Covid-19 and they are resuming “more virtuous consumption patterns which correspond to the desire to improve the French food model qualitatively”, assures the president of the E. Leclerc centers.

In addition, attendance is no longer the same as before the pandemic. “We spend more, but we come less often”, noted Michel-Edouard Leclerc, who also notices the impact of the pandemic on the purchasing power of the French: “We decided to award first prizes because it becomes a point of reference for the populations” in difficulty, he explains.

Opening of shops on Sundays: “it is better to spread out the purchases”

Invited to react to the words of Philippe Martinez, secretary general of the CGT, who said he was unfavorable to the opening on Sunday, Michel-Édouard Leclerc explained that the health context upset the situation. “In terms of health, it is better to spread the purchases over a longer period”, he believes.

Closing on Sunday, in the current context, is not justified, “or else it was necessary to prohibit the sales”, raises Michel-Édouard Leclerc, who recalls that “by exemption, under control, under conditions, all traders” should be able to open on Sunday.

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