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New cases of corona virus in China, restrictions imposed in some areas

Beijing: In China, 16 new cases of corona virus infection have been confirmed on Saturday. It is understood that two officers involved in the new infected have come under the grip of infection locally. According to the National Health Commission (NHC), two locally transmitted cases are from Guangdong province in the south, which is adjacent to Hong Kong.

The commission said that other cases of infection are probably of people who came infected from abroad. According to the NHC, out of a total of 91,061 cases of infection in mainland China, the death toll is 4,636. Several activities were banned on Saturday and people were asked to stay in their homes after an increase in cases of corona virus infection in some areas of China’s southern province of Guangzhou.

The business and industrial center, located in the north of Hong Kong, with a population of 15 million, has received 20 new cases of corona virus infection since last week. These numbers are very low compared to the thousands of new cases reported daily in many cities of India, but Chinese officials are taking precautions because they believe the infection situation in the country is under control.

rapid spread of infection

The ‘Global Times’ newspaper has said, citing health officials, that the infection has spread at a high speed. People from five areas of Liwan district of Guangzhou are being investigated. Markets, child care centers and entertainment centers have been closed. Restrictions have also been placed on the entry of people in restaurants. People from four areas of the district have been asked to stay in their homes.

There have been 91,061 cases of corona virus infection in China and 4636 people have died. Chinese officials believe that only people coming from abroad are getting infected and there are fewer cases of infection locally. The National Health Commission said on Saturday that two new cases were reported locally in Guangzhou and 14 cases came from other areas of the country.

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