New approach to Vietnamese social network

“The new generation of Vietnamese social networks must be the product of the third Internet wave, committed to cooperation and sharing benefits with users, and develop in association with users’ interests.”

That is the content shared by Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung when commenting on the future of social networking platforms in Vietnam.

VietNamNet would like to introduce the full text of Minister Nguyen Manh Hung’s speech on development opportunities for social networks Make in Vietnam, at the launch event of a Vietnamese social networking platform on September 16, 2019.

The new cycle will create opportunities for social networks Made in Vietnam

The Internet has a cycle of 15 years. The first cycle, ie 15 years, is to build the infrastructure and foundation of an online world, with such names as Cisco, Microsoft. The second cycle, that is the second 15 years, is mobile phone, social media and economic platforms, with names like Facebook, Google and Apple. These two cycles are tied to Internet companies, most of them global. The third cycle can be considered starting from 2015, when the Internet will be integrated into every part of human life. New names will appear. It won’t just be Internet companies anymore. Not only content and community anymore, but there must be more context – context. A specific context will generate specific knowledge and value. A Vietnamese context, a Vietnamese problem will have to have a Vietnamese solution. This third wave of Internet will be an opportunity for local companies, to use global technology to solve local problems. This third wave of Internet also needs a new culture – a culture of cooperation. Not replacement destruction of the second wave but cooperative destruction.

Social networks also need a new approach. The enormous value created by the community cannot be enjoyed by a single person, but must be shared. The community needs to control the rules of the game, they have to be the owners of the game, not the victims of the hidden algorithm. The foundation can be global, but it must allow Sub-Platforms to be created to solve context-specific problems. Already the foundation must be clean enough to create a healthy environment. Anything that violates the core values ​​of humanity, of social morality must be automatically eliminated by the foundation. Promote cooperation and cooperation with industries and individuals to bring on the foundation of new values.

The new generation of Vietnam social networks must be a product of the third Internet wave, a new approach: a commitment to cooperation, a commitment to sharing benefits, a commitment to healthy content to spread positive energy. commitment to individualization, commitment to a contextual approach. These commitments are to address new needs and are addressed through the latest technologies and through a dedicated development team.

In a business world where the winners benefit almost all, the followers have only one way to come up with a new, different, groundbreaking approach. Any success will then reveal defects. The problem is solved, the needs are satisfied, then new needs will emerge. New breakthrough technologies will be born and new business models will appear to meet the new needs of the market and of users. That’s why start-ups start-ups will replace the giant ones again. And that’s evolution. It is like an eternal rule. Vietnamese start-ups should have this belief to start a business.

We express our appreciation for the commitment of Vietnamese digital technology businesses. Invest in a difficult area. Enter a market already dominated by global giants. Do one thing that many other Vietnamese businesses have tried and failed. Do something that social psychology generally thinks is not feasible. But if not, and no one else does, and not only here but everywhere else, what will Vietnam be like?

Vietnam is a latecomer, and there won’t be anything easy left for us. But we won’t see it as just a challenge, but as an opportunity. Because easy work never creates talent. The average job produces the average person. The hard work creates good people. Great works create great people. In the coming time, the Ministry of Information and Communications will pose more and more difficult problems, which may be very difficult, but will always be problems that, if successful, will bring great economic value to businesses in the ICT sector.

Vietnamese start-ups are a meeting of technology people who aspire to new approaches, new technologies, to respond to new needs and Vietnamese investors who aspire to prosper Vietnam. prosperity, in association with the Government’s Make In Vietnam program. We need more of this tripartite combination to solve many more problems of the country, especially big, fundamental and fundamental problems to help Vietnam develop.

The way we have to go will be long, there will be many difficulties ahead, and it will be too soon to talk about success. But what we need to persevere is thinking big, solving the right problem, a clear business model, and a different approach. Other difficulties should only be considered as a test fire of gold, as an opportunity for hardening.

Wish Vietnamese digital technology companies persevere in their goals for success! Success to inspire other Vietnamese technology businesses to make a commitment to Make In Vietnam, creating Vietnamese technology products and going global.

Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung

Enterprises must know about their national mission

Enterprises must know about their national mission

“An enterprise must know about its national mission, change its country. It is the responsibility of the businesses. ”

Empty hands and a big dream is the start of most digital businesses

Empty hands and a big dream is the start of most digital businesses

Start a business from new graduates. From two empty hands. Only dreams are big. The technology giants of this century and the last century started like that.


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