Netflix suddenly tested a ban on sharing passwords in some countries

Many users are confused when they have not received any notice of Netflix’s test of blocking password sharing.

According to a report from Rest of World (RoR), Netflix’s test of blocking password sharing has confused some users. Streaming service with password sharing solutions tested in Peru, Chile and Costa Rica in March.

Photo: Alex Castro/The Verge

Accounts that sign up in these markets pay an extra fee to be able to stream to people using the same account outside of their household.

In interviewing with some Netflix subscribers in Peru, RoR realized that most users had not received an official notice of the change from Netflix. Besides, users said, Netflix’s enforcement level is not consistent across accounts.

Specifically, many accounts said they ignored the confirmation message to continue sharing the account without any problems.

Netflix’s definition of “household” is still quite vague, because many people consider immediate family members to be part of the household. Therefore, should automatically use the same account on different devices, it seems that Netflix has realized that.

A user in Peru told Rest of World that they were asked to provide a verification code that someone in their family was using their account from another location. This allows members outside of the subscriber’s home to continue using the shared account for free.

Netflix spokeswoman Kumiko Hidaka said that due to the critical nature of the change, the company is increasing notifications for the service change. However, Netflix has yet to explain why some share users are charged while others are not.

The cost for an additional account will be less than signing up for a separate new account. Netflix will charge an additional CLP 2,380 ($2.89) in Chile, $2.99 ​​in Costa Rica, and PEN 7.9 ($2.13) in Peru to add up to two users outside of the owner’s household account.

Thai Hoang (according to The Verge)


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