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People with diabetes should avoid blaming themselves, negative thoughts or despair when having difficulty controlling symptoms.

Managing diabetes requires perseverance, requires a combination of many factors such as eating, exercising, taking medicine according to the instructions of the doctor. Because of glycemic control, the duration of treatment may not be as effective as expected due to disease progression.

Follow Everyday Health (America), People with diabetes paying attention to their mental and emotional health will greatly benefit the treatment process. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), people with diabetes are 2-3 times more likely to suffer from depression than the general population. About 25-50% of people with diabetes who have depression are diagnosed and treated.

Here are some negative thoughts and feelings that people with diabetes experience and need to get rid of.

My own fault

People with diabetes should lead a healthy lifestyle to help manage symptoms. When the disease progresses in a bad way, patients often think that they have not followed the doctor’s recommendations. The doctor’s job is to explain to the patient that diabetes treatment must change the method regularly and avoid letting them fall into a state of wanting to give up.

Diabetes is a “death sentence”

The worst thought of people with diabetes is that they will die from the disease. If the patient has a negative thought, it is easy to accept and let go of the treatment methods. A study published in May 2020 in the journal PLoS One (USA) shows that many people with well-controlled diabetes can live healthy lives without a reduction in life expectancy compared to those without the disease.

People with diabetes may have negative thoughts about the disease they have. Image: Freepik

There’s never been an effective treatment

When the old method of treatment does not work, the doctor recommends that the patient change to another method. At these times, the patient should try to avoid thinking that no method will work. You should be aware that finding the right treatment often involves trial and error. Patients should talk to their doctor in this case.

Everything is hopeless

Diabetes and depression can go hand in hand. Many studies show that if diabetes is well treated, it also helps mentally. Therefore, when having diabetes and continuing to be diagnosed with depression, the patient should avoid thinking that everything is hopeless and should be more optimistic.

No one understands what people with diabetes are going through

Treating diabetes can be difficult, especially if no one in your friends or family has diabetes. In this case, the patient often feels self-conscious, depressed and thinks that no one understands their feelings. People with diabetes need to remind themselves that there are millions of people with the condition and they can feel the same way. You can search for co-infected people so that you can easily share.

When you’re struggling emotionally, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or an experienced therapist. Relieving stress is a good way to stay healthy and motivated to continue fighting this disease.

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