Necrosis of the scrotum from small ulcers

HCMCA 50-year-old man, a small ulcer in the scrotum, taking the medicine does not decrease but the swelling is as big as a grapefruit.

Patients with severe pain and high fever, swelling and redness should go to the emergency room at Binh Dan Hospital. He was obese, had no prior medical condition.

Doctor Le Vu Tan, Faculty of South Studies, on December 20, said that the patient’s scrotum was swollen, the pressure was very painful, the infection spread to the groin. Tests showed that blood sugar is quite high, the patient has not seen a doctor so he does not know. The doctor decided to have urgent surgery with a diagnosis of “Fournier necrosis”.

“Peeling the swollen scrotum shows a lot of yellow pus, very foul,” said Dr. Tan.

The patient had two incisions in both sides of the groin, creating a connecting path from the groin to the scrotum and watering many times. The doctor checked for bleeding and then installed the drainage system to take care of the wound every day. The pus is implanted as an antibiotic.

Doctor Tan treats the patient’s wound. Image: Tan Le.

According to Dr. Tan, Fournier necrosis is an extremely dangerous infection in men. The disease occurs on the site of immunodeficiency such as diabetes, HIV, cirrhosis, kidney failure … The origin of the disease is only a small inflammatory lesion in the external genitals, the perineal layer or around the posterior. subject. Then the disease progressed very quickly, spread to the groin, chest, back hip area … The disease is common in men, can be seen in women, children.

If not treated early, the patient could die from septic shock.

“Fortunately, this patient arrived early, so there were no serious consequences”, Dr. Tan shared.

It is expected that after the wound heals, the patient will be stitched to the skin, creating an aesthetic appearance of the scrotum area.

Doctors recommend, should pay attention to small private lesions, it is best to check medical facilities, should not self-treat or care at home can progress seriously.

Le Phuong