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Nearly two weeks after Biden’s victory in US election, Chinese President congratulates

After long silence, Chinese President Xi Jinping finally congratulated the newly elected US President Joe Biden on Wednesday for winning the US election. This news has been revealed by quoting Chinese media. In his telegram message, President Xi Jinping said “global peace and development with mutual respect and a sense of cooperation to each other rather than conflict or conflict”

President Xi’s message came nearly two weeks after leading countries across the world congratulated Joe Biden on his victory.

Significantly, there has been a historic decline in the relationship between America and China, the world’s two superpower. Both countries stand in opposition to each other over trade war, espionage allegations, human rights, media freedom and technology.

Both countries constantly accused each other of overcoming the Corona virus. Washington alleged that Beijing hid the world about it after Corona was born in Wuhan last year.

Xi said that the people of both countries are in the fundamental interests of healthy and sustainable development between American-China. Xinhua reported that China’s Vice President Wang Quishan also sent a congratulatory message to Kamala Harris for the newly-elected US Vice-President.

Earlier, on 13 November, on behalf of many countries around the world, Joe Biden congratulated him on being elected President of the US but China did not congratulate him. At the time, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said during a regular press briefing – “We believe that the outcome of the US election will be confirmed according to US law and procedure.”

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